The Apostles and Officers

The Apostles in the Church of Christ are a group of twelve members of the ministry who have been called by Divine revelation like Paul (Acts 13:1-3, see also Hebrews 5:4) to serve as Apostles. The Council of Apostles has the general oversight of all the local churches and the supervision of missionary activities.

The General Officers are individuals who have been elected by a General Conference of members of the Church of Christ. They perform the necessary day to day operations of the Church under the direction of the Council of Apostles and the General Conference of the Church of Christ.

The following is a list of contact information for the Apostles and the General Officers of the Church of Christ:


Smith N. Brickhouse 816-797-1844 Email
Duane L. Ely Email
Placido Koyoc Matu 011-52-991-911-3125 Email
Mike McGhee 816-796-6255 Email
Brian McIndoo Email
Donald E. McIndoo  
Alvin J. Moser 602-569-2414 Email
Jeffrey R. Oldham 816-825-2908 Email
Roland L. Sarratt 816-373-6605 Email
Joel Yates 602-430-2608 Email

General Church Officers

Duane L. Ely Secretary, Council of Apostles Email
Elder Rickey Olson Secretary, General Bishopric  
Rhea Housknecht General Church Secretary  
Elder Gordon McCann General Church Recorder Email
Elder James Case Business Manager  
Elder Gordon McCann Editor, Zions Advocate Email