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  • The Church of Christ Teen Camp is an outreach of the Church of Christ. The camp, uniquely serving Junior and Senior High School students, mingles ministry and fun. Visit Website

  • The CCEG (Church of Christ E-mail Group) is a private e-mail group available to members of the Church of Christ and their families. Their home page also offers many resources for both members and non-members. Visit Website

  • Resources & Media Archive. These websites are an online resource for the members of the Church of Christ and all those seeking the truth. It contains sermons, studies & lessons as well as archived audio files and videos of sermons that can be listened to or watched over the web. Visit Resources | Visit Media Archive

  • The Ends of the Earth. This web site contains a blog written by one of our Apostles, Brian McIndoo, about his activities in his mission field. He labors primarily in Africa, but also India, as well as portions of the U.S. when he is not overseas.
    Visit Website