Zions Advocate is...

  • To promote Jesus Christ as our only Saviour;
  • To promote His Teachings and His Church, the Church of Christ;
  • To be a voice of warning to His people; to be Zion's advocate.

The Zion's Advocate is the official periodical of the Church of Christ since 1922. It contains sermons and articles on a variety of topics relating to our faith, news and reports from the General Conference, local churches and missionary fields, and testimonies written by members of God's blessings in their lives. While articles published in this paper may not necessarily reflect the teachings of the Church, declarations and notices authorized by the General Conference do reflect the practices and beliefs of the Church of Christ. A copy of this paper can be downloaded from this site, or mailed for a small fee.

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Digital Issue Archive

An archive of previous issues is available in a digital format. More will be posted as they become available. Older issues may eventually be available in a digital format. Contact the Editor of the Zion's Advoate to request a copy.